Security Advisory Services is a unique approach to security that combines professional security services, IT audit experience, and technical network and information protection solution sets to help clients develop strong programs that address risk management  in a consistent and repeatable fashion.  By approaching security from a high-level business integration perspective, Vistara is able to help customers align security initiatives with organizational goals.  Vistara achieves this by looking not only at the technology, but also at the policies, processes, operational procedures in place in our customer’s security organizations.

By utilizing this approach, customers will be able to improve their security posture and measure the performance of their security staff.


Five major business issues drive security decisions:

    1 - Compliance: Customers face growing responsibilities related to regulations such as Gramm-Leech-Bliley Act (GLBA), HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, etc.   Examiners look favorably upon companies with a structured approach to risk management, and a proactive plan for security will ease the pressures from regulatory audits.


    2 - Governance: Security Governance is the act of managing the security organization- recognizing risk, evaluating it, and making appropriate business decisions regarding how to respond to it.   Vistara can help our customers develop a system for evaluating the threat environment and aligning security spending to meet the most immediate threats first.


    3 - Policy:  Vistara can work with our customers to develop a Master Security Plan and subordinate policies, guidelines, and procedures that support business goals.  These policies document the structured, repeatable approach to security that is important for consistency.  Vistara can teach customers how to develop policies that are complimentary to the business instead of prohibitive.


    4 - Business Continuity: Vistara can help our customers anticipate emergency situations and business disruptions and respond to them.


    5 - Incident Management:  Customers face a wide array of challenges from many different threats.  Vistara threat and vulnerability analysis can help our customers identify the threats, then develop and document plans to respond in the event that incidents do occur.  By having incident management plans that are tested and proven in advance, we can help customers prioritize resources so that they can identify and respond to incidents without affecting business functionality.


Key Qualifying Questions to ask yourself

  • Security Program:  Do you have a proactive security program, that anticipates risks and plans to pro-actively address security?  Is your security program consistent, repeatable, and easily structured for regulatory review?  How do you evaluate the performance of your security program?  Are you certain that your security budget is aligned with organizational goals?


  • Governance: Do you have a documented management structure for information security?  Are roles and responsibilities clearly defined?


  • Compliance: Have you had compliance issues with regulatory authorities in the past?  Do you have upcoming audits?  Do you have a plan in place to successfully complete the audits?


  • Policy: Are your security policies complete?  Have they been published to the organization?  Is there a security awareness program in place?


Regardless how long you need to have a security expert . Vistara will provide the skills and professionals for your request. You can be assured you will be receiving some of the best talent of security experts in the industry today.  From former prodigy technical youths to military heroes who excelled in security matters to our country.

It's a difficult decision first finding someone who can actually produce the high level of security  knowledge Vistara requires in order to meet our standards and ethics.  Vistara provides the direction and guidance an organization needs and can trust.