Cybersecurity Services

  • Third Party Vendor Risk Assessments
  • Cyber Threat Intellingence Monitoring
  • GDPR Data Protection Officer Proxy
  • Cybersecurity Infrastructure Architect Development
  • Data Lost Protection Solutions & Methods
  • Privilage AccessControls & Design
  • Data Life Cycle Managment
  • Classsification Policies
  • eDiscovery
  • Sprawl Identification
  • Destruction
  • Operational Flow Design
  • Privilge Control Enforcement
  • Optimal RPO/RTO Provisions
  • Enforcement
  • Ransomware Prepardedness
  • Business Continuity Plan / Disaster Recovery / Co-loocation
  • Security Awareness Training
  • Forensic Services
  • Investigations and Analyst
  • SOC Monitoring Alert Systems
  • Virtual Data Protection Officer
  • Staffing (Full,Temp,Contract, Project administration
  • Cyber Insurance
  • FFEIC, HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOX, assessments, Etc.








For IT Governance, Risk Management and Compliance requirements the activities need to be place Now. unmatched attestation deliverable quality will turn Thinking to Knowing!

  • GDPR Data Protection requirements provide an industry destruptive opportunity when implemented with proven frameworks like's "Cyber Due Care Decisions" / CDCD.
  • With increase regulatory pressures, identity theft and highly publicized Ransonware security breaches in the media, companies need to rethink how individual confidential sensitive information should be classified, controlled, accessed, stored, and destroyed.
  • Third Party Vendor Risk Assessments that provide the auditable attestations and Gap Analysis to conduct revenue operations without loosing a beat to the Bad Actors.


Vistara Reliability Assurance


We offer confidential security services. Determine which essential elements to deploy in an economic manner. Prepare and plan to pass any compliancy regulation requirement.