Data Discovery Solutions Organizations need to protect their IP, PII, ePHI, accounting records, and documents with confidential information. Failing to do so may result in brand damages and customer loss, financial losses, lawsuits and government inquires. Vistara Technologies will discover and classify documents according to their business function.

Risk Assessments A full list of risk assessments to make sure you are proactively identifying vulnerability vectors, employing repeatable audit procedures and performing your due diligence responsibilities. We know what it takes to build a solid defense-in-depth IT infrastructure to protect you against the malicious advance persistent threats being used by the well financed sophisticated hacker organizations of today.

Managed Security Solutions Vistara security management solutions protect individuals, enterprises and government agencies. Our managed security offerings assist customers by protecting their PII while complying with corporate and regulatory policies, securing their assets and controlling risk.

Virtual Security Advisors Security Advisory Services is a unique approach to security that combines professional security services, IT audit experience, and technical network and information protection solution sets to help clients develop strong programs that address risk management in a consistent and repeatable fashion. By approaching security from a high-level business integration perspective, Vistara is able to help customers align security initiatives with organizational goals. Vistara achieves this by looking not only at the technology, but also at the policies, processes, operational procedures in place in our customer's security organizations.