• Managed Solution Suite. Vistara security management services and solutions protect individuals, enterprises and government agencies. Our managed services offerings assist customers by protecting their eLife while complying with corporate and regulatory policies, securing their assets and controlling risk.
  • Risk AssessmentsThe first step in developing a security strategy is assess those areas where gaps and vectosr exist in the current strategy.
  • Customized Services Vistara Technologies, Inc. proposes to its clients security related services including probability and vulnerability assessments, policy review and design, perimeter and critical-resource defense, secure remote access, device hardening solutions, management and monitoring, and critical response.

Staff Augmentation Vistara resources work with you on-site or remote and are certified in key technologies with multiple security delivery disciplines worldwide.

Security Advisors Vistara provides confidential advisory services using their VTAC network of partnerships. They pride themselves and commit their utmost level of skills and respect. Their goal is to help protect you, understand government regulatory requirements, prepare for an audit, have retribution procedures properly and forensically processed. Most importantly be Secure to operate safely over the Internet.

Vistara Technologies proudly delivers the suite of current security solutions.Our solutions will maximize your investments into calculated assets that increase productivity, reduce costs, and create new revenue sources. Vistara can quickly identify and implement the security technology solutions and services that deliver the greatest business impact. We understand that it takes both technology knowledge and business operational savvy to configure your infrastructure to be prepared to defend against today's most complex security challenges.


Often the hardest part of keeping current with security patches and using the latest solutions is integrating them into your network environment without disrupting operations. Vistara provide the means to make this a smooth process.


Key to any good security plan is the documentation needed for all aspects throughout and IT infrastructure. Our philosophy is to document as much as possible and format when appropriate in a manner to be used for any pending government regulatory audit.

Our Portal

Designed to ensure legal enforceable confidentiality, future forensic evidence and control for who has been granted approval to access any Intellectual property communications. Vistara Technologies has one mission. To provide a source you trust for your eLife communications. You want to be Secure and need to Trust blindly at times and share personal information whatever you are engaged with on the Internet our Portal meets our high level of confidentiality.