Security Risk Assessing with Forensic Level Quality

Developing a good security strategy involves a gap analysis to identify areas where security vectors exist in the current environment. Once we find the gaps we can help remediate them too.


Security Questions To Ask Yourself?

  • What are your primary security concerns?
  • What and where is the IP data you need to protect and what are the steps to ensure you protect confidential data?
  • How are you addressing compliance relating to security? If an auditor asked today, would you be able to comply and show due care?
  • Do you have a documented Business Continuity Plan and know what to do if you had a computer security incident?
  • What type of IT projects are you implementing and how are you addressing how it may affect security?
  • Do you have any resource constraints as it relates to your security work?
  • When was the last time you did a penetration test or prepared for an audit?
  • How do you gather the security intelligence you need to effectively protect your IP in the Virtual and Cloud world?
  • How do you plan to protect your remote offices/users from threats without deploying costly point solutions?
  • Who do you trust to call for help?


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Security risk assessment programs to meet your security needs and compliancy requirements.

Services range from a suite of vulnerability assessments, policy review and design, perimeter and critical-resource defenses, remote access and role development, device hardening solutions, management and monitoring, data loss procedures, encryption commitment, forensic gathering tools and dealings.


Due Diligence Does Not Mean Due Care!

Each company has different requirements when it comes to their due care responsibilities and managing how best to minimize RISK.